Sunday, 23 June 2013

new york vignettes

New York was amazing. I was there for a mighty 4.5 weeks and got back about 2 weeks ago. How do I begin to capture it all? I can't. But a few images here will give you an idea and then the rest is on Instagram (well, a fair few anyway).

I was in New York for 3 main reasons: to write a significant chunk of my PhD thesis, to see a lot of art, and to visit friends. This was my little apartment in the Lower East Side rented through airbnb. It was perfect in every sense. I spent every morning in that room on the right working on my thesis. It was bathed in eastern light and had a fabulous view of the Williamsburg Bridge. A perfect place for writing.
Most mornings I went for either a run or a walk. Early on, the Williamsburg Bridge became a favourite to run over. Such amazing views! Later in my trip I ran in the East Village around Tompkins Square Park and along the East River park. Runners' heaven that! I also cycled my heart out as my apartment came with a bike. Cycling in Manhattan is wild and crazy and totally recommended! NYC launched its new bike share program while I was there. So now there are funky blue rental bikes everywhere.
For me NY is about so much, the architecture especially. 
And the art, of course!
NY Frieze was on. So much fun to catch a ferry down the East River to Randall's Island. And so much art!

Chelsea never disappoints on the art front. More gorgeous work! All art work seen here is attributed properly on my Instagram photos. Go there if you want to know more about these works.

 The world of bridges. DUMBO is one of the best places to hang out in Brooklyn.
The first heat wave of summer hit while I was there. We spent nights walking the streets waiting for the cool change to come. Not a bad thing to do given what there is to see in Manhattan.
The High Line captured my heart. Last time I was in NY in 2008 it wasn't yet open so it was so much fun to walk from 34th St all the way down to the 12th on this beautiful elevated public park. The landscaping is superb and the architecture is non-stop amazing the whole way.
I haven't mentioned the cocktails and the endless food and hanging out with friends. And ice cream on hot nights at the amazing Il Laboratorio on Ludlow in the Lower East Side. But you get the idea...