Sunday, 30 May 2010


screen printed fabric, repeat pattern, mizu designsscreen printed fabric, repeat pattern, mizu designsscreen printed fabric, repeat, flower, handmadeThe resulting print: 3 colour repeat screen print on calico of my slightly deco influenced flower motif. Do I have table envy of what after using that lovely long one again at I&S? Try as I might I can't replicate this amazing set up at home.

Thanks again to the lovely women of Harvest Textiles - the workshop was fab. There was such a lovely buzz around the studio yesterday. Very inspiring!

Friday, 28 May 2010

a little bit deco

My design prep for a 3-colour repeat screen printing workshop with Harvest Textiles at I&S studios tomorrow. I think I'm going to use this motif I designed and put together using luscious black sumi ink. The repeat you can see in the background is what it looked like once I scanned it into Photoshop and played with the colour. I wanted to get an idea of how it might look in repeat before I committed to it big time on fabric. I'll be adding one more colour to the mix. Should be so much fun!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

all things blossom-like

hand printed fabric, lino print, pajamasAnd this is what the block printed succulent blossom fabric was used for - pajama pants. And not even for me I might add.

Speaking of succulents, I was mezmerised by the light and shadow play on my living room wall a few mornings ago. Dried succulent flowers (a different kind to those in the pjs) were responsible for the lovely shadows. Don't you just love autumn light?
succulent flower, shadow

Sunday, 23 May 2010

succulent blossom en masse

succulent blossom, hand printed fabric, block printsucculent blossom, hand printed fabric, block printhand printed fabric, succulent flower, block printIt's really interesting how doing something repetitive for a long period of time can be strangely meditative. And I think it has to do with your frame of mind at the time and how you choose to see the task. This 1.7 x 1.2m piece of light-weight cotton fabric took me hours to block print my succulent blossom design yesterday afternoon, but oddly enough I enjoyed it. I didn't focus on my aching arms or the time. Instead I just went with the flow. I thought I might stop half way through and do the rest today but once I got into the rhythm it was strangely addictive. And moving about the fabric also kept me warm when I knew the room was becoming chilly. The hardest part was navigating a hungry cat who kept getting under foot for about the last 40 mins.

Then I baked an apple cake and had a glass of red as a little reward.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

a womb/kyoto loveliness

I'm starting to make a list of my favourite places to visit when I go back to Kyoto later this year. One place I adored and became a regular of was A Womb on the north eastern side of the city. It's incredible and not at all womb-like. In fact the interior is stark and modern but at the same time also incredibly serene. They serve sushi like you've never ever experienced anywhere else. It's so gorgeous to look at and presented like artwork. One time they made me and my guest a special dessert that was a landscape of the most incredibly delicious and beautiful sweet morsels.

I'll be heading there for the sushi kaiseki.

They also have a blog.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

iro iro

The paper art animation in this video for Regina Spektor's song Samson is so exquisite it makes my eyes hurt.

reading: Colum McCann's collection of short stories - Fishing in the Sloe-Black River (1998)

doing: sumi ink drawings; planting out the autumn vegie patch; early morning walks; planning a trip to Kyoto

seeing: the BSG Works on Paper exhibition

watching: Grand Designs; Who do you think you are; The Good Wife

listening: everything but the girl - And I miss you (Like the deserts miss the rain) And I miss you (Like the deserts miss the rain)

eating: slow cooked lamb stews; savoury tarts; blue brie

drinking: sangiovese; hot chocolate

thinking about: wallpapering the wall behind our bed and putting in a pretty pendant light

Saturday, 1 May 2010

morioka teapot

Covet: Morioka southern iron kettle teapot.

ii ne kore reminded me of keibunsha, a treasure trove of goodness in Kyoto. I especially love the way the old floor boards in the gallery squeak as you walk on them. And now I'm contemplating how to carry back an iron teapot in my luggage when I visit Kyoto later this year. I've carried some heavy and not-very-portable things between Japan and Australia over the years. A rice cooker was one. Also delicate pottery (in my carry-on) and rolls of washi paper. So I'm not particularly phased by this potential new challenge. The real question is how many red teapots can a girl own? I have one already. It's not iron though!