Saturday, 30 October 2010

two things

A place to draw breath on a busy day in Kyoto: Nanzenji. With autumn approaching in the northern hemisphere and along with it the spectacular visual feast that is momiji you need to get there early in the morning though. Before 9am or it's very, very crowded.
A big thanks to the ever generous Holly from Decor8 for posting my 2011 calendar in her annual calendar round up. There are some gorgeous calendars out there this year! There is still time to purchase one if you're thinking of giving it as a gift for the coming holiday season.

More pics from Kyoto to follow.......

Friday, 29 October 2010


Oh my goodness what I wonderful trip I've had (to Kyoto). Fabulous, every second of it. So much has changed and yet so many things are still as they were all those years ago. Many thanks to friends who fed me during my stay. You're all so sweet.

If I could sum it up in one work it would definitely be 'zakka'. Zakka is about so many things in contemporary Japan. By the time I had left I was feeling sucked into its beautiful vortex and wishing I could bring it back to Melbourne with me to enjoy.

Which I can in a small way as Mr Kitly is opening soon in Brunswick. Stay tuned as this project from ii ne kore unfolds in December.

Speaking of zakka, I fell head over heals in love with NID magazine while in Japan. All pics posted here are from edition 17.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


rose tea

egg for you

And then there were hens......

What wonderful paper/ink/stationery-related goodies will I find in Kyoto this trip? And how much can I stuff into my bag on the way home?

Please note: all purchases from the shop between now and the 28th October will be shipped on 29th.

Friday, 8 October 2010


twig, giclee print, mizu designstwig

egg, giclee print, mizu designssolo

two eggs, giclee print, mizu designs
two eggs

These are a few new prints from the growing egg series based on sumi ink illustrations. All available here.

Melbourne folk - are you going to Finders Keepers this weekend? If I can work out how to get to Shed 4 I will be.

6 sleeps until Kyoto for me.......

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

a little bit of soul

twig, illustration, mizu designsillustration, mizu designsI've discovered something about myself recently that you'd think I would have worked out by now. I really like classic R&B. All these years when people have asked what kind of music I'm into I've said, you know, a bit of everything. But as it turns out I'm a classic late 70's-80's R&B fan. It makes sense. I like music with a bit of soul, lyrics you can sing to, and something you can dance to = classic R&B. I found out by trying a whole lot of radio stations all over the world through itunes while I've been working in the studio. I've found this great one based in Chicago. It's a bit daggy but it gets me moving.

And the pics above? More egg studies in sumi ink. But this time with twigs.

Sunday, 3 October 2010


apricot tree, blossom, melbournesucculent, melbourneLate afternoon light. That first pic is of one of our apricot trees in flower (growing in a pot). A friend grew it from seed!

I just love early spring weather.

Are you doing anything special today?