Sunday, 3 October 2010


apricot tree, blossom, melbournesucculent, melbourneLate afternoon light. That first pic is of one of our apricot trees in flower (growing in a pot). A friend grew it from seed!

I just love early spring weather.

Are you doing anything special today?


  1. How exciting! I have never managed to grow anything from seed successfully.

    It's such a glorious day in Melbourne. You have inspired me to go to the nursery and start my vegetable garden.

  2. pretty photos! isn't it great to have some warmth, just suddenly! makes it easier to get up and swim in the morning :)

  3. Hi there! I stumbled across an archived post of yours and it seems you have a couple of my bug prints! I am now across the pond from you in Christchurch, NZ and am hoping to make some southern hemisphere connections. Good luck to you and hope to stay in touch.
    Cheer, Mike

  4. Oh hi there Mike! Welcome to the south.

  5. How are your other cactii growing Kylie? Have they flowered again? BW pics really bring out the beautiful shapes of these plants.
    I love the tones and shades you've gotten in your ink paintings too, though I get my shades with charcoal.