Thursday, 26 March 2009

papercut artists

The Red Thread has been posting some great links to gorgeous papercut artists recently and I had to put my own 2 cents worth in about their amazing talent and share one of those links in case you missed it. Elista Mora's papercuts really caught my eye (2 pics immediately below). And I can't recall where I recently heard about Bovey Lee's work (pic above) but it's so intricate and beautiful it makes me want to cry. Just look at that detail! Think of the hours she must put into making her creations.

And then I just stumbled upon this site which seems to be a collection of papercut artists connected to the very talented Beatrice Coron (pic below). How wonderful!

PS. more paper cut loveliness here on ii ne kore.

Sunday, 22 March 2009


This exhibition will be really worth checking out: paintings by my friend and ex-neighbour, Antonia Chaffey. Topographia - Gallery 45 Downstairs, 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne. The opening is on Tuesday 31st March, 5-7pm and the show continues till Easter. I'm particularly fond of some the pieces from her 2004 show in Mildura like this one above: Locus in Quo 1. Antonia has a passion for the land, maps and desert spaces.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

not quite paper

I'm working with a new material I've just discovered called drafter's film (thanks Libby!) instead of paper for hand cut silk screen stencils. It's harder to cut than cartridge paper but definitely tougher and more tear-proof. When I was cutting out my dragonfly this morning I liked the way it looked on it's own, all kind of papery and fragile and then decided to put it on top of my favourite antique Japanese lacquer box. Doesn't she look sweet?

Thursday, 12 March 2009

handmade nation in melbourne

Have you heard of a fab new indie film called Handmade Nation? I first came across this wonderful piece of crafty film goodness when I was in New York last June (yes, I DO love saying that :) and I blogged about it a bit here. In 2006, Faythe Levine, a filmaker, travelled around the US interviewing more than 50 crafters and made a documentary film on the rise of DIY and the new wave of art, craft and design and Handmade Nation is the end result. I thought living in Australia I might never lay eyes on this indie film delight, but gladly I can say I was wrong. It's here right now in Melbourne! But to see it you have to go to the Melbourne Stitches & Craft Show where they're premiering the film at multiple times over multiple days until 15th March. Now, I'm not a sewer, and not all that interested in it either, though I love textiles and salivate instantly over gorgeous textile designs, so when I realised that in order to see Handmade Nation I was going to have to attend the Show I was a little bit hesitant, to say the least. But I've since been convinced that it might be ok because there will be some lovely textile design folk there like Aunty Cookie and I&S. And if you live in Brisbane and Sydney it looks like you're in luck because the Show is going there too and no doubt so will Handmade Nation. But seriously check out the Handmade Nation website as it has really cool things linked to it including this one to their trailer.

Saturday, 7 March 2009


For Illustration Friday: intricate. Lino print with digital colour.

Life feels a bit like this at times: intricate, complicated, entangled, complex, confusing, convoluted, meandering..... Nothing like nature to let you know that we're all intricately connected though.