Thursday, 26 March 2009

papercut artists

The Red Thread has been posting some great links to gorgeous papercut artists recently and I had to put my own 2 cents worth in about their amazing talent and share one of those links in case you missed it. Elista Mora's papercuts really caught my eye (2 pics immediately below). And I can't recall where I recently heard about Bovey Lee's work (pic above) but it's so intricate and beautiful it makes me want to cry. Just look at that detail! Think of the hours she must put into making her creations.

And then I just stumbled upon this site which seems to be a collection of papercut artists connected to the very talented Beatrice Coron (pic below). How wonderful!

PS. more paper cut loveliness here on ii ne kore.


  1. WOW, all these are amazing. I admire these artists' skills, and their imagination, too.

  2. Fantastic. I've been following Elsa Mora for a while now. She is so incredible. As well as being a fabulous artist I love her blow by blow of the oscars.

  3. I have seen Coron's work before and admired them, now there is an entire blog devoted to papercutting and Mora's work is fabulous too!
    Thanks for featuring these.

    By the way, how are your cactii doing?

  4. Awe-inspiring... thanks for sharing!

  5. These are absolutely magnificent. Thank you for sharing!