Saturday, 29 December 2007

angie lewin

I've just discovered the lino cuts of a British artist called Angie Lewin. I was lucky enough to get a set of her reproduction cards which feature 2 of her prints: Dandelions and Blue Meadow. The one you can see above is called Clifftop IV and was sold out at Bircham Gallery recently along with a whole lot of her other prints.

If you'd like to see more click over and look at the gallery page of her website. I love the colours she uses in her prints. They have a retro feel to them but the lines and shapes are modern, all in all a wonderful balance. She has limited editions of her original prints available too. Oh and she also has some of her prints made into textiles like the lovely one below:

Friday, 21 December 2007


The succulent in one of my big pots is flowering again. I love the gentle orange colour of these flowers.
How can things that survive in such dry conditions produce such loveliness?

Puss still isn't home (see previous blog) but I'm trying to be a bit buddhist about it and accept that we can never really possess an animal and that their time with us is sometimes very fleeting. You know, the non-attachment stuff....but I swear it's harder to do than to say.

I've got to share some beauty from the Grampians National Park. We went there for my birthday just before we moved. This area is just stunning. The wildflowers were out because it was early summer. Check out that Kangaroo Tail (the plant with the tall, black stem). If you want to get a better look at the view and a sense of how high up we were click on the image to zoom in closer. It's pretty amazing.

Thursday, 20 December 2007

crappy things and good

This is a bit of sad blog. Our 3 year old cat, Sumi, has been missing for 3 days now and it's making me unbearably weepy and very anxious. She's a cute little grey blossom of a thing. We've just moved house and while she seemed ok for the first 2 weeks, something has spooked her and set her off. I'm hoping that she'll turn up at any moment but the days of looking for her are long and hard.

On a happier note, we are online again at home (yay!) after the move. It's been really challenging to maintain my etsy shop during the transition but somehow I've managed. The best thing about the move has been setting up the studio (photos to come). That's been very exciting. The studio has three long windows so there's plenty of light. It's at the front of the house facing the street so I can watch people walk by. In a matter of days I'll be using it more often and then the real fun will start!