Saturday, 29 December 2007

angie lewin

I've just discovered the lino cuts of a British artist called Angie Lewin. I was lucky enough to get a set of her reproduction cards which feature 2 of her prints: Dandelions and Blue Meadow. The one you can see above is called Clifftop IV and was sold out at Bircham Gallery recently along with a whole lot of her other prints.

If you'd like to see more click over and look at the gallery page of her website. I love the colours she uses in her prints. They have a retro feel to them but the lines and shapes are modern, all in all a wonderful balance. She has limited editions of her original prints available too. Oh and she also has some of her prints made into textiles like the lovely one below:


  1. wow these are gorgeous! thanks for sharing - i'm gonna have to check out her website...

  2. you are both so welcome! it's great to find and be able to share the work of other artists.

  3. I just love that print! Thanks for the link, mind you, telling me that she does textiles too is dangerous.... I'm running out of wall space, but there's always room for more fabrics....