Friday, 21 December 2007


The succulent in one of my big pots is flowering again. I love the gentle orange colour of these flowers.
How can things that survive in such dry conditions produce such loveliness?

Puss still isn't home (see previous blog) but I'm trying to be a bit buddhist about it and accept that we can never really possess an animal and that their time with us is sometimes very fleeting. You know, the non-attachment stuff....but I swear it's harder to do than to say.

I've got to share some beauty from the Grampians National Park. We went there for my birthday just before we moved. This area is just stunning. The wildflowers were out because it was early summer. Check out that Kangaroo Tail (the plant with the tall, black stem). If you want to get a better look at the view and a sense of how high up we were click on the image to zoom in closer. It's pretty amazing.


  1. have just crawled home from my last market before xmas to see these gorgeous photos. am so tired .. just longing to stop and breathe and remain horizontal for a few days. that beautiful open space and australian flora .. your photos are very zen. i feel transported.
    and then i read about sumi. how very sad for you, kylie. i'm cat minding for my neighbour until i escape sydney tomorrow. i will give her an extra special stroke for your sumi and wish for a safe return.
    have a good xmas break and all the best for 2008.

  2. thanks so much! your words have cheered me up. it's hard when animals leave us (in whatever way). please do give that kitty a pat from me.
    the grampians.....yes.....they are really open and dry and so very very australian. you must go there sometime if you haven't already.

  3. the grampians is a beautiful place, your photo's look amazing. We were there 2 years ago (it's where I met my partner) before the bushfires and I was wondering how things would look still looks pretty seeing your pics. Have a lovely Christmas and I hope Sumi will return for Christmas.

  4. thanks hollabee! the bush has regenerated a fair bit since the fires 2 years ago so it's still pretty lovely out there. the wildflowers were just amazing. so many different colours.

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