Monday, 20 December 2010

light, joy + year end

light and shadow

I love the play of light and shadow at various times of the year in our living room. These are dried succulent flowers in case you are curious.

Have a great holiday season everyone. Take it easy, be safe, happy and of course a little bit indulgent. See you in 2011!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

something fresh, something green

3 pots of tea, fresh

3 pots of tea, fresh

A new colourway, a re-work of an old favourite, something fresh: three pots of tea, fresh, that is!

My dentist inquired as to whether I drink a lot of green tea. What's a lot? I asked. Apparently I have a slight green tinge to my teeth which they can remove when I get my teeth cleaned there. I like to think green tea is worth the green tinged grin. Do I have any supporters?

Have you saved the 18th December to head on down to Harvest Xmas Market? Hope so. Should be full of goodness + craftiness.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

hand printed wallpaper

succulent blossom wallpaper
succulent blossom wallpaper
succulent blossom wallpaper
succulent blossom wallpaper

Rainy days can be surprisingly productive.

Block printed wallpaper test strips: succulent blossom in silvery grey and red. Two different blocks were used for each one because the red one has the motif in lines and the grey is more randomly distributed across the paper. The grey one looks even better than the photos make out. I can see how this print would work in a bedroom; really soft and delicate.

I had Jen Cloher and then The Waifs playing in the background to help me get into the groove.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

out and about

I will stop with the hipstamatic pics soon, I promise. These were taken out and about at The Auction Rooms cafe in North Melbourne. A truly lovely space. My banana bread with espresso butter and maple syrup was heavenly. And the cafe is only a few doors down from Ramona Tienda, a shop with exquisite hand made lovelies. Muy bella!

btw, a little 'Freedom' update: I've read the first 100 pages and love it!

Monday, 6 December 2010

iro iro

hand printed tea towel

hand printed tea towel

I finished printing and sewing up the tea towels. Succulent blossom in black on natural linen/cotton blend.

The opening of Mr Kitly last Thursday was fun! Such a sweet space filled with beautiful Japanese inspired zakka. If you're in Melbourne do go see. It's on Sydney Rd in Brunswick.

All my new summer reading has just arrived via post from the Book Depository. Happiness!!! One of them is Jonathon Franzen's Freedom. Has anyone read it yet?

Thursday, 2 December 2010


Carlton Gardens
Carlton Gardens
Carlton Gardens

Walking through Melbourne's Carlton Gardens this morning I was mesmerised by the all the green around me. There's no denying it: we've had a lot of rain. I've recently been gifted a 4th hand iphone (yes that's one with 3 previous owners, now how green is that?) so I whipped it out and used an app I'm currently in love with called hipstamatic. Got to love those 70's colours, no?