Tuesday, 1 January 2008

new work

I've been working with some more mixed media designs today. I still haven't settled on the background colours but here are two from the pile I've made. If you have any feedback or preferences in terms of colour I'd love to hear it. I've also put a few more up on my flickr page.


  1. l love the bottom .. the vibrant yellow background heightens all the other colours for me.
    also, i thought i'd left a comment on your previous post - very delighted you alerted me to angie's work - but it appears that in my post-xmas state i was unable to leave a simple comment.
    brain is slowly starting to function again.

    have a great year.

  2. thanks! i was so torn when deciding on the colours. part of me wanted soft, old fashioned, washed out colours, and the other part wanted vibrant, almost fluro colours.
    have a great year too!

  3. Sorry feedthedog, I love the top one, I love the strength of the colours. Gorgeous design either way. I love the chiyogami influenced patterns in the teapot.

  4. I really like them both, the design is lovely, I love the pattern on the teapot. I wish my boring black teapot was like that!

  5. interesting feedback - thankyou! i just love working with chiyogami and then lots of colour.