Friday, 11 January 2008

new in the shop

I'm quite excited about a new line of prints I've developed for my shop. I've shown a few here recently but there will be more. The one above is now up in the shop and looking pretty bright against my other work. It's been great working on these new prints. I love working with a range of media and adore the pattern of chiyogami so much that I just had to find a way to work it in. And so I have!

All the new prints will have a very strong sense of what's known in Japan as wabi sabi. I love the idea of transient beauty and beauty found in the ordinary. Wallflowers was all about this: the crumbling clay wall of an old Kyoto house and the weeds growing up against it.

I'm also immersed in colour experimentation at the moment and finding it fascinating. I'm trying to push myself to go beyond using the colours that I'm comfortable with. It could get a wee bit crazy......


  1. These prints are beautiful. I particularly like the theme of teapots (being a tea addict) and really love the wallflowers piece too.

  2. "beauty found in the ordinary".
    these prints are faaaaaar from ordinary and so very beautiful.
    i love mixed media.
    gorgeous print.

  3. you 2 are way too sweet! thankyou both a million times.