Thursday, 17 January 2008

paper madness

There's been a bit of madness going on here today. I got so excited about it being my first studio day in my new work routine for 08 that I gave my self a headache by about 11am and had to go and have a cuppa with friend to calm down! Funny huh? I'll have to do things in a more measured, sensible fashion or I'll never last the day out :)

The other madness I have to share is a big beautiful book about chiyogami I treated myself to buying just before I left Japan (in 2005). The photo above is of the cover and the ones below are some inside shots. Basically every page (and this is a big book!) has a different chiyogami pattern on it and then some tiny little story in Japanese about the pattern's origin and symbolism and then some cute little manga type figures. I LOVE this book.


  1. I love that book! I keep going to the bookshops and drooling over it (not literally of course, that would just ruin the gorgeous pages). I'll have to buy it soon....

  2. Now that I know what chyogami is I want that book too!

  3. what a fantastic book, so many pretty pictures and colours!

    re your comment on packed melb trains...I think it depends on where you live and get on...Newport at 8.30 is perfectly fine ;) but I'd love to have a bike...don't think they allow them on the westgate