Wednesday, 9 January 2008

hot days and pots of tea

Our last visitor until later this month left today and I now have a little time to work. It's been great to play but I've drunk so much wine, champagne, many margaritas and pots and pots of Japanese tea over conversation in the last couple of weeks that it feels very much like time to go quiet and solo for a while. The next few days will be super hot again (41+ degrees or 106 F!!!) so I'm looking forward to being at home and trying to stay cool indoors. I still haven't taken photos of the new studio space. This might be possible now that we don't have a guest sleeping in it :) The little piece above is following on with my chiyogami design theme. I'm fiddling with some of these designs to help me plan out some new woodblock prints. The tea theme seems never ending. Maybe it says something about what I've been preoccupied with lately.

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