Wednesday, 18 June 2008

handmade nation

Someone and something exciting I discovered by going to the Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair last weekend was Faythe Levine and Handmade Nation. Faythe is a filmmaker, author, independent curator and creative director. In 2006 she traveled around the US interviewing more than 50 crafters and made a documentary film on the rise of DIY and the new wave of art, craft and design titled Handmade Nation. The film is set for release later this year and the following clip is a sneak preview. It looks really really inspiring:


  1. that is brilliant viewing ... very exciting .. the girls wrapping knitted pieces around a tree is almost a mirroring of what the girls in gertrude street melbourne have just done outside Cottage Industry .. .. take at peek, the photos are great.. brilliant idea

  2. thanks for that link. i've just had a look at what those fitzroy girls are up to and it made me laugh so much!
    i must check out the cottage industry shop when i'm home in melb next week.
    yeah i loved the handmade nation preview as well :)