Saturday, 14 June 2008

printing in brooklyn

It's lovely to have a bit more green space around us in Brooklyn. We moved over here today (the very funky Park Slope area) from Manhattan because there's a lot going on in this neighbourhood over the next week that we want to get to. Also we have a friend who lives here and swears that this is where all the interesting stuff in New York is happening. So far it looks fantastic.

I was able to stroll down to Lotta Jansdotter's studio this evening for her interactive print session to launch her new book: Lotta Prints. What a lot of fun that was! Lots and lots of people came along to participate and as a printmaker, I think it's really, really inspiring that so many people are getting interested in printing by hand on fabric.

Quite a number of people were having a go at printing on fabric swatches using carved potatoes, lino blocks, and paper stencils. And others were checking out Lotta's beautiful products and books and standing around chatting and drinking wine. I bought one her new books and even have it signed :) Now how nice is that? I can tell already that I'm not going to want to go home in a week's time.


  1. Exactly where I would have gone. Lucky you. Printing with Lotta how much fun!

  2. sounds like tons of fun-
    what type of ink was being used?
    (you know I had to ask!)

  3. oh god i forgot to look at the label on the ink bottle! it looked like regular screen printing fabric ink though....

  4. OK. Why are all these people having so much fun. Why can't I be there too. It's all too much for a Monday morning.

  5. Couldn't be more jealous! O, to attend a print-fest with lots of Brooklynites. I've loved Lotta for years, and it's so cool to see how successful her business is getting. Just flipped through the latest book and it's stunning...

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