Saturday, 21 June 2008

nikki mcclure

Goodbye New York. It's sad to leave but oh what a great time I've had!

Another great find of mine through Renegade (and being in the USA generally) has been the paper cuts and illustrations of American artist Nikki McClure. She makes exquisitely detailed paper cuts using black paper about domestic scenes or images of nature. Also, people tell me her annual calendar is one to watch out for. I was in a tiny shop in Brooklyn a few days ago and was lucky enough to see some of her cards. Absolutely gorgeous. Here's hoping I can snap up one of her calendars later in the year.


  1. Just fantastic. I went and had a look at the link. Blown away. You're a lucky traveller. Keep finding this stuff for us.

  2. One of my obsessions, papercuts - Lovely! Thanks for the travels through New York. It's freezing back here so rug up!

  3. Thanks to both of you. Yes it's quite chilly and wet in Melbourne since I arrived back. But it's still nice to be home.