Sunday, 8 June 2008

fabulous brooklyn

I braved the heat and humidity today and took the subway to Brooklyn to find myself in the middle of the Atlantic Ave Art Walk. What good timing! I found the just opened Fact and Fantasy where the lovely Kristen from Moontea Art has her block printed bags and pouches stocked (images above). Her work looked just beautiful there on the walls. Yay Kristin! The girls from Fact and Fantasy have a wonderful collection of hand made goodies and a sweet little shop too.

Another great find on Atlantic Ave was Artez'n who also stock a lot of local artists/crafters.

It was hot out there today and will be again tomorrow. If you can cope with the heat and are in the area check out all that great Brooklyn art on offer because it's on again tomorrow. A lot of artists have their studios open to the public too.


  1. you rule!
    I just wrote you a note, and then came here and wow! the pics you took look great.
    thank you soooo much.

  2. hah how fantastic - must be so amazing to see a blogger's work from the other side of the world in person.

    Hope you're handing the heat over there okay. Makes travelling even more exhausting than it already is.

    Plenty of cold here for when you get back ;)

  3. if only this heatwave would pass.....and yes it's great to see blogging friends' real life work :)

  4. cute bags!
    i just found fact and fancy from amanda blakes blog.
    great store! im jealous you got to go. im a thousand miles away

  5. I love MoonTea's work! I hope to drop in the shop myself one day soon.