Tuesday, 10 June 2008

subway art

If you live in NY or even just visit like me you'll spend a lot of time taking the subway from place to place. Being underground means you don't get to see all the street life around as you pass by on the train. Fortunately though, there is a huge amount of subway art to be explored, especially in Manhattan. The first image above is from the World Trade Centre station (or as the driver announced 'Ground Zero'). I really quite like the mosaic work in this eye. There are plenty more to be seen here. The artist is Jones/Ginzel and it's titled 'Oculus' and was made in 1998. The second piece of subway art is called 'CommUnion' and is by Emmett Wigglesworth, 1994, and is located on Union St near 4th Ave. If you want to see more NYC subway art go take a look at this wonderful site: the Subway Art Guide. Also this great article by Roberta Smith: The Rush Hour Revelations of an Underground Museum.

It's still very hot here making it hard to venture out and about in the city. Yesterday I saw some construction workers take a break and turn a street fire hydrant tap on with their spanner to release the water so they could drench their bodies in it. It was like a scene from a movie. I was almost tempted to join them.


  1. That fire hydrant scene sounds like something the Village People would do in their video clips or maybe from Fame the movie. Cool image! Are you going to go and see Sex in The City, whilst you're in The City?

  2. I saw the SATC movie 2 days ago and funnily enough, despite some cringe moments, really enjoyed it. I just had to see it while I was here in Manhattan. It seemed silly not to. Just been reading a great article on the film:

    Promise me you won't read the article unless you've seen the film though as there are many many spoilers.

  3. I went to see SATC movie for the 2nd time today. I really enjoyed it and winter is just getting me down so this movie is such a pick me up. Am totally lived vicariously through your New York blogs. Thanks. Am going to look at that link.

  4. Hi Mizu - what a fabulous surprise that you are treating us to updates of your trip.. I feel like I've just been on a holiday too, just reading through your posts.

    Glad you're having such a great time!

  5. that mosaic eye is neat
    don't know which is worse- extreme heat in july, or rain and cold (like here)....
    anyway- sounds like you are doing fun things in spite of it