Friday, 8 October 2010


twig, giclee print, mizu designstwig

egg, giclee print, mizu designssolo

two eggs, giclee print, mizu designs
two eggs

These are a few new prints from the growing egg series based on sumi ink illustrations. All available here.

Melbourne folk - are you going to Finders Keepers this weekend? If I can work out how to get to Shed 4 I will be.

6 sleeps until Kyoto for me.......


  1. I love the texture of these illustrations.

    Must go to Finders Keepers! Catch the tram to Southern Cross station and walk down past Etihad Stadium. It's kind of down there. Ok that is about all the detail I have. I think they have a map on the Finders Keepers site.

    What a week it is for you - the nice weather, Finders Keepers and then Kyoto! I can't wait to see your snaps from the trip.

  2. What pretty eggs. Fragile and lovely patterns.

    Thank you for your visit to my small weather diary.

  3. Wow these are so pretty, I love them!

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