Friday, 29 October 2010


Oh my goodness what I wonderful trip I've had (to Kyoto). Fabulous, every second of it. So much has changed and yet so many things are still as they were all those years ago. Many thanks to friends who fed me during my stay. You're all so sweet.

If I could sum it up in one work it would definitely be 'zakka'. Zakka is about so many things in contemporary Japan. By the time I had left I was feeling sucked into its beautiful vortex and wishing I could bring it back to Melbourne with me to enjoy.

Which I can in a small way as Mr Kitly is opening soon in Brunswick. Stay tuned as this project from ii ne kore unfolds in December.

Speaking of zakka, I fell head over heals in love with NID magazine while in Japan. All pics posted here are from edition 17.


  1. Hellooooo Kylie, sounds like you had the best time - so jealous! I really need a holidayz! :) Seriously, really thrilled you had such fun, and I just wanted to drop by and say hi, and loving your new work - as always. xo hugs, and have a very lovely weekend! K

  2. Howdy K! Loving your work in Frankie mag.

  3. I can see why you fell in love with that magazine; its beautiful!

  4. thank you kylie for the lovely mention, i will be looking forward to your visit! nid is so great:) and your 2011 calendar beautiful!!!!