Wednesday, 6 October 2010

a little bit of soul

twig, illustration, mizu designsillustration, mizu designsI've discovered something about myself recently that you'd think I would have worked out by now. I really like classic R&B. All these years when people have asked what kind of music I'm into I've said, you know, a bit of everything. But as it turns out I'm a classic late 70's-80's R&B fan. It makes sense. I like music with a bit of soul, lyrics you can sing to, and something you can dance to = classic R&B. I found out by trying a whole lot of radio stations all over the world through itunes while I've been working in the studio. I've found this great one based in Chicago. It's a bit daggy but it gets me moving.

And the pics above? More egg studies in sumi ink. But this time with twigs.


  1. If you like classic soul music you might like the bar Two of Hearts in Commercial Rd, Prahran. Unless you only like it in the morning to get you moving!

    What's the daggy Chicago station you found called? I always need something to get me moving in the morning. And something that I can sing really loudly to.

  2. ST - you just look under R&B in your itunes radio and there's one that says 'classic R&B dance of the late 70's and 80's' in the comment field.

    On the other end of the radio spectrum I also love JJJ.

    Thanks for the bar recommendation.

  3. Thanks! I think I found it. I have never looked at these radio stations on iTunes before. What a selection!