Tuesday, 25 May 2010

all things blossom-like

hand printed fabric, lino print, pajamasAnd this is what the block printed succulent blossom fabric was used for - pajama pants. And not even for me I might add.

Speaking of succulents, I was mezmerised by the light and shadow play on my living room wall a few mornings ago. Dried succulent flowers (a different kind to those in the pjs) were responsible for the lovely shadows. Don't you just love autumn light?
succulent flower, shadow


  1. So succulent flowers do dry and still look pretty. The shadow could be one of your prints. It is so beautiful.
    I am really, really envious of the person who is getting those pjs.

  2. oh cute. do you have enough left to make yourself some pyjama pants?

  3. Perfect. They look fabulous. And, boy is it hard to find PJ pants without them being a sappy girlie print. Yay for your printed PJs.
    Autumn light - it's been so wet here that we've seen very little.

  4. the print looks fantastic + great as pjs :)
    you've caught some pretty light.

  5. Thanks so much for these lovely comments.
    ST - no sadly not enough left to make any for me. Never mind, I can always print more.