Thursday, 8 February 2007

of dragonflies and other critters

This set is one I printed a few months ago when I was a bit obsessed with joining lots of little printed pieces together to create one image. I like the way you get the feel of segments of nature rather than a whole joined image. When framed the effect is quite lovely especially when the float-mount technique is used rather than the traditional style of presenting an image bound by a matt. I leave spaces (half a cm) between each fragment when framing and this allows the pieces to 'breathe'. Just before I left Japan I became intrigued with float mounting prints. It lets you appreciate the paper more (and who doesn't want to admire the beautiful papers around now?) and pushes the print/s out to the viewer in the frame rather than hiding it behind a matt (which works for some prints but not all). Seed pods from Australian plant life have always mezmerised me with their compact nature. I love the 'life force' symbolism connected to seed pods too especially in Australia where a lot of pods don't open until there's been tremendous heat created by a bush fire. Dragonflies and other insects are fascinating because of their linear quality - something that
most printmakers

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