Friday, 3 August 2007

packing and printing

It's been a bit mad around here since we made the decision to sell our wee little house a week ago. We're starting to prepare for the open for inspection period where all and sundry can walk through the house and check out our stuff. So some of it's being packed up and put in the shed at the back of the garden including a lot of my woodblocks. It's so hard doing this because I have so many and I don't know which ones I'll be needing over the next few months. I'm hoping our next house will have a bit more space inside for me to spread out my blocks, tools, inks and paper. I'd love to have one of those amazing big paper drawers but haven't found one yet. That way I could keep all my paper stored flat rather than rolled up. If you happen to know where I can find one of these in Melbourne please let me know.

I'm getting a bit excited about seeing the new print exhibition by Australian artist Sarah Amos. Sarah lives and works in the USA now but in Melbourne next week Gallery 101 will feature her prints. Click here if you'd like to see more of her work. This lovely print below is one of hers.


  1. i think what i'm really going to love about blogging is the world of other artists that are opened up to me .. sarah's work looks astonishing .. i think you're lucky living in melbourne kylie, a much more cultured and interesting city than sydney .. i always think you're more exposed to a greater range and depth of artists and designers, something about the city (and i visit often) that lends itself more to serious contemplation of the visual, in all its genres.

  2. I agree, Melbourne's a wonderful city for cultural happenings. Isn't Sarah's printmaking just amazing? I can't wait to see it exhibited. Maybe her work will get to Sydney eventually????

  3. Hi mizu
    Thought I'd drop in and visit you at yours. I've been following your links to some great places. Thanks for your lovely blog

  4. Thanks Yellow. Glad to know of another printmaker who loves Japan :)