Thursday, 21 May 2009

pinks amongst the living

I've been printing. My hands, especially my knuckles get sore when I do too much. It comes from placing to much pressure on that part of my hand when I use the baren. Last time I printed my knuckles actually bled and where painful for more than a week after :(
I'm experimenting with dusky pinks amongst the pale grey of 'living things' which is what these watercolour washes are about.
I love how the wood, as it ages with use, gets really smooth. Like an old river pebble or driftwood at the beach. So tactile and lovely.


  1. Great to see your printing table.

  2. Ouch! Sorry about your hurting hands. I have a big callous on one of my knuckles from the baren. Your blocks look lovely.

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