Friday, 15 January 2010

a study in chillies

All picked from the garden this morning. There are plenty more to come from a couple of healthy looking chilli bushes we have happening. Crazy curly looking things, some of them.

The tomatoes are almost fully ripe. Amazingly one plant has 17 full size tomatoes on it! It's loaded down and has made it through the heat wave without too much damage.

We had a friend drop off some super sized plums from her tree last weekend and then another friend dropped by with apricots from her neighbours' tree. That same friend also gave us home made ice cream flavoured with cardamon and apricots from her garden. Delicious! It's a regular locally grown fruit bounty swapping session around here these days.

Ah summer...........


  1. Hi Kylie - great photos - I love how your neighborhood seems to have this wonderful co-op style fruit and veg sharing going on ! Have a good weekend :)

  2. Thanks Vicki! Yes lovely community in this neighbourhood :)

  3. Someone grows cardamon? I've tried but I've never got it to pod stage. The ice cream sounds so good. I tore out an avocado ice cream recipe from a mag this week because I do miss it. It's a Vietnamese thing. What did you make from the chillies?
    Oh and you think I'd have to be brave to wear it? I'm gunna this weekend. My partner (we'll call her "anonymous" because she's popping up on the comment box of late) is daring me to wear it out to the movies and dinner on Friday night. Bring it. I say. (Now, where is that support, body sock thing?)

  4. Yay for you and your bravery with the frock Kate!

    No - no growing of cardamon I'm afraid.

    The chillies - M made harissa with them and it's really good :)