Thursday, 20 January 2011


A new giclee print I've called steam - sumi ink and artline pen illustration.

Small tea cosy in burnt orange. Photo from The shop of on Argyle St

Speaking of things tea check out these contemporary tea cosies at the shop on argyle st. I'm waiting on this bright little one to arrive in my kitchen having recently been won over to the power of a good tea cosy. I had no idea they could work so well. I think I've never been able to go there in my head because I'm not overly fond of the knitted/crocheted nanna styled ones. But this one is right up my alley.


  1. beautiful print.
    i like the idea of things tea, i just wish i liked tea more than i do {much better healthwise} . . .
    love the colour of your new tea cosie.

  2. i love steam. the way you've gotten it with lines is unusual.
    and yes, i think i'd use a contemporary tea cosy like this one too.

  3. Thanks for those lovely comments about 'steam'.

  4. I love your tea images ,and the clean line tea cosy is the best, not to mention your muse cat in the last post - she's a sweetie. Vicki :)

  5. S&M - from one cat lover to another - thanks!

  6. Hey thanks for the tea cosy post, just found this, as well as your blog/website. Lovely prints, not surprisingly find myself drawn to those with teapots ;)