Friday, 25 March 2011

blue noodles in texas

blue noodles
Blue Noodles, Japanese woodblock print, Kylie Budge

I was really very touched when food magazine, Edible Austin (as in Austin, Texas) approached me about using one of my woodblock prints featuring Japanese food to illustrate a story about this same topic. So Blue Noodles sits proudly alongside this great story about Japan's gift to good food in the world. You can see the web version here. Hard copies are available from Edible Austin. They've included some fab resources and recipes.

Blue Noodles was created about 8 years ago while living in Kyoto, Japan. I was surrounded by incredible food all day long and it seeped into my creative consciousness, and then leaked out into my printmaking. At that time I was very fond of eating enoki mushrooms and renkon (lotus root) and so if you look carefully you'll see them swimming around in this print. You can buy fresh renkon in some Asian grocery shops in big cities in Australia. It's highly nutritious (why don't we eat more of it in the West?) and really nice lightly fried with a touch of soy sauce or chilli powder (zing!). Add it to stir fries for a bit of pazazz.

Here are some links to a couple of Japanese cooking blogs if you feel inspired to learn more:


In terms of other Japanese favourites I'm a bit of a closet fan of okinomiyaki. Each region has their own way of making this dish but I do love the Kyoto version. A friend from Hiroshima once made me their local style (with noodles). Interesting! Do you have any favourite Japanese food/s?


  1. How lovely to be asked, you must feel very proud.

  2. It was such a lovely thing really. And shows the kind of connections the internet can create.

  3. Nice one! It's a great print.
    It's funny how things work online, isn't it.

    Japanese is by far my favourite cuisine. There is something so delicious and fresh about it. And I have a small (ok a very large) obsession with tofu, so it fits nicely. One of my favourites is nasu dengaku (

    I have to try cooking with renkon. I am into tempeh stir fries lately and it could be good in one of those.

  4. That is such a striking print. It doesn't surprise me that Edible Austin approached you for it :-)
    I have always been intrigued by Japanese food but alas my one and only encounter with it was a Sushi train in where else but Oz :-P There is a dearth of Japanese eating places where I live.
    One day I hope I can refer back to this post to eat all the wonderful things you mention.

  5. Awww thanks for the lovely comments!

    ST - love nasu dengaku too!
    P - hope you can access some yummy Japanese food sometime soon.

  6. Nice! Both the "gig" and the print! Congratulations.

  7. Japanese cuisine is something I've never really got my head around. I am sure I'd love it. Next time I am in Melbourne, and travelling solo, your mission will be to introduce me to Japanese cuisine, Melbourne style.

  8. Oh and congrats on your print going international.

  9. Thanks so much Annie and Kate!
    Kate - it's a deal re Japanese food get together in Melb.

  10. Such a great print! Omedetou!! I can think several recipes and the way to eat from your print. It's hard to say my favorite Japanese foods because I love them so many so much. If I could eat them with you, foods would be more special!