Friday, 6 May 2011

paper cuts [but not the painful kind]

This new paper cut book is definitely on my wish list. More pics inside here on a little hut in case you're interested. And on the subject of paper cut goodness have a look at what printmaker Bridget Farmer is cutting - a flock of doves for her wedding decorations. I'm not much of a fan of weddings (yep, I've said it, don't yell at me) but if you have to have one then a flock of paper doves is a must, no?

My favourite paper cut artist, Beatrice Coron, has some beautiful new work happening on her website. Go be inspired. I'm really enjoying her paper cuts of city scapes in white on white.

On other cutting news, I'm off to cut lino blocks. A whole different cutting experience. But still very therapeutic.

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