Friday, 3 June 2011

tea circle in two

tea circle
tea circle in blue

Tea Circle is finally available in print form. And in two colours. It's taken me a while to get around to transforming this sumi ink illustration into prints. So here they are. I also have a green version but am still not happy with the colour so I might just leave it at two.

Thanks for those lovely comments about my botanical sketches [last post]. I'll gradually keep adding to them and may post an update to the digital album once I have more completed. I love drawing plant life. The lines and shades and tones and squiggles and swirls all add to up to some crazy nature activity. Fascinating stuff.

Am deep in reading for the PhD. I'm loving it but the more I read the more I find to read. Still it's a luxury and I'm conscious of it and thankful for it every day. I might be deluded but am hoping not to give up reading fiction over the next three years. So many people have said that it's impossible to keep reading fiction while doing a [non-fiction related] PhD. That would feel like cutting off an arm to me. So I'll keep reading fiction at night and see how far I go. Am reading Siri Hustvedt's The Blindfold at the moment. Very intriguing.


  1. love the signs of a circle! gorgeous.
    it feels important to have fiction there ~ even if it's only a few pages before sleep {which it has been for me for a few years now!!}. just ordered 'the summer without men' yesterday. can't wait to read it.
    hope you're keeping warm!

  2. Thanks Belinda. I was just admiring your gorgeous textile designs this morning!

    Yes will keep the fiction going. I've also got that recent book of Siri's waiting to be read.

  3. The prints are really gorgeous!!
    Sounds like you will you need to read a bit of fiction to keep you sane :)

  4. Such beautiful prints! I think the blue is just delightful.