Sunday, 3 July 2011


rubbing the image onto the block
carving the block

It's been slow going these last few weeks but this morning I managed to put the first colour of this print design onto wood and start carving. I decided to rub the design onto the block with a boning tool & tracing paper instead of with carbon paper (my usual way). There are tiny little elements to this design so I need to carve carefully. One slip and the wood I want to keep will be gone. Patience + care.

Forgive me for using hipstamatic again but I'm loving these smokey yellow shots at the moment.

This article about Cibi and Mr Kitly in Saturday's Age made me smile. So beautifully written by Dan Rule. I'm so happy two of my favourite places in Melbourne are getting some media attention.


  1. sounds nerve wracking but fun! loving the yellow tones ~ makes me feel kind of warmer :)

  2. the carving is slow going but i'm in the mood for that kind of work at the moment :)

  3. i definitely agree... that looks very complicated design... nerve wracking, i guess. but beautiful! keep it up!

  4. Thanks Chelx! Will keep carefully carving away...