Saturday, 10 September 2011


broccoli patch
gorgeous broccoli
parsely & lettuce
oregano, i think
grevillea flower

Veggie garden greens and a some grevillea flowers. That broccoli is a bit special, no? The cabbage moths normally eat our broccoli plants before they get this big so we're a bit psyched about this year's crop.

And that grevillea is a young plant but she's popped out lots of flowers for the first time ever.

What's happening in your garden?


  1. Well done. I've given up on anything the cabbage moths will take a liking too.

  2. Those cabbage moths! Still if you can get a season without them it's good to know organic home grown broccoli is the result.

  3. Didn't have any luck with tomatoes or broccoli, but english spinach and flat leaf parsley grow very well in my tiny patch. Just about to rotate and replant for the next season. Your broccoli looks great...good job...T