Sunday, 5 February 2012


rock formations: Mungo National Park

Carolina | especially their brioche french toast with stewed summer fruit, mascarpone and mint. An old shoe repair shop reinvented as a cafe on Nicholson St, East Brunswick.

IQ84 | Murakami's new 3 volume-fiction piece. In paper form it comes as a massive 1000 page hard back brick. Not easy on your arms, hands or hips when reading. Go the ereader version if you can.

Hibiki-an | for beautiful Japanese green tea. Nothing available in Australia compares to what they have on offer through their online shop. Try their sencha range. The sencha karigane is very good.

Holly Throsby. Especially her album 'Team'.

in the heat:

| cold cherries straight from the fridge

| Maggie Beer's Quince & Bitter Almond ice cream

| gin & tonics with slices of lemon or lime and lots of ice


  1. I recently had a friend staying with me and she is a regular green tea drinker, so I have been on the search for good green tea ever since. I'll have to make a selection from Hibiki-an......

    1. Belinda - I can recommend getting a few packets in the one order as you save on postage (free over a certain amount). Well worth paying a bit more for as it's very high quality tea. And tastes fab!