Saturday, 3 March 2012

mojo thoughts + 21st century conundrums

print design
putting marks on the block
carving tools
3 hours of carving =

I think I may have my printing mojo back. It's been a while. But sometimes I think it's good to step away and do other things. It can be quite conducive to letting the creative juices percolate.

Today's carving session was musically accompanied by:

1. Holly Throsby
2. Jen Cloher
3. The Jezabels
4. Sarah Blasko
5. The Be Good Tanyas.

A fabulously talented combination of Australian and Canadian musicians indeed! And really good to do some intensive carving to. In case you ever wanted to know.

Now have you heard about all the Pinterest fuss going on? It seems the web is full of debate about Pinterest inspired copyright and digital identity crises at the moment. And here I was thinking it was just pretty eye candy. To be honest though, the first time I looked at Pinterest (about 2 weeks ago) I found one of my woodblock prints pinned there without any reference to me, the creator or to where they'd pinned it from (my shop). I was a bit annoyed when I saw that. Then after I signed up to play on Pinterest I realised that when you click on a pinned image it takes you back to the original source so you can see who owns it. Eventually. I was still cross that the original pinner hadn't taken the time to mention who owned the print though. And then on Twitter I noticed some artists saying a big thank you to people who had pinned their work because they'd receive enquiries as a result. And one person I know sold a painting due to the publicity it received on Pinterest.

Then Flickr made some moves in response to the Pinterest copyright debate. They disabled the pin function on copyright protected Flickr images.

So it seems that it's a bit of a complex situation. A real 21st century conundrum.

Any thoughts?


  1. Fabulous mojo it is too! Great work going on at yours... can't wait to see more! Re Pinterest - it sounds like a mess... I think Fran's idea (@ Mrs Eliot Books) of making it part of pining to enter the accreditation or else you can't pin it... Sounds simple but maybe it's not. Have fun printing :) Kx

    1. I think that's a really sensible and simple idea, but I have a feeling others are really concerned about the copyright issue and will push for firmer restrictions. I'm not sure how possible real control on the internet is anymore though.

  2. I can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. Such beautiful carving tools.

    I've had great results from Pinterest, with people finding my blog, and with being able to easily promote other people's work (which I know has resulted directly in sales for them). Personally though, I love the way it's clarified my own thoughts about my taste and work. I spend a lot of time scrolling through my own boards, looking for common themes - or just enjoying a cupcake-free internet space ;)

    I'm trying Gimmebar now; similar idea but it allows you to create private boards. Nice, but I miss the social aspect of Pinterest. And given how unsocial I am, Pinterest's low-impact social interaction was perfect for me! I'm left feeling that the good aspects outweigh the bad of Pinterest.