Saturday, 13 October 2007

the evolution of a little box

I've been developing a little chiyogami paper box for the past week or so. It started off looking like this in its first incarnation:

Bright red covered chiyogami paper on the bottom and then textured, white Japanese paper on the top. Then my little monk woodblock print on top of that. I lightly lacquered the whole thing to protect the paper from wear and tear. But I didn't like the paleness of the lid so I started playing with it again and put some more chiyogami paper on it to lift the monk print out a bit.
I love the colours in the chiyogami I used for the new lid. And now it looks like this:

and this:I'm much happier with it now. I've also bought some plain coloured paper to experiment with more lids to work in combination with some other amazing chiyogami patterned paper I have from Japan. I bought a huge stash just before I left and then rolled it up and tucked it inside one of my large rolls of printmaking paper. And just the other day I re-discovered it again accidentally while rummaging through my paper collection. I had completely forgotten about it!


  1. hi! thanks so much for your comment on my blog (& for adding it as a link on yours). its so encouraging to receive good feedback!
    your woodblock printing is beautiful, very interesting reading about the process on your blog... i'm going to add a link to your blog on mine as well- i'm all for printmaking in all its different forms! Danielle :-)

  2. Hey Danielle, so glad you dropped by. Your screen print designs are so vibrant. Can't wait to purchase some!

  3. kylie ... gorgeous!
    love the whole paper-covered box thing .. if there were many more hours in my day and centimetres of space in my tiny abode i would fill it with paper-covered boxes (of my own making and those of others). love the corn-coloured patterned lid with your print.
    the whole shebang is so striking...
    noice little gift, me thinks, to fill with other things..

  4. and thanks for opening up the world of ofpaperandthread ..
    love love love

  5. hey thanks feed the dog. i know what you mean about paper box obsessions.

  6. Hi there
    Just popped into your blog from sugarloop link and just wanted to say I think its lovely, love your work. Hope you don't mind if I link you on my blog. I am dying to try out some woodblock printing but am struggling for the time to do it at the moment. Will def be delving back here for some handy hints when I do start.

    Take care and keep printing!

  7. Hi suziebee so nice to find you too!