Thursday, 25 October 2007

pottery play

My small woodblock print, green tea, is really popular in my etsy shop so I have decided I need to re-explore my fascination for Japanese ceramics (especially those from the Shigaraki area near Kyoto) and design another tea and ceramics inspired print. These close ups are from this funky calendar I have from Shigaraki covered in Japanese tea cups. I LOVE this calendar poster so much I can't bear to take it down off my kitchen wall even though it is for 2005. Some might say this shows I haven't accepted that I've left Japan yet, but I would say it just shows how much I want to keep little bits of Japan alive in me wherever I am. Anyway that's my story on the tea cup poster. I'm using it to inspire a bigger, tea themed woodblock print. This one will involve a teapot too. I haven't decided on the colours yet but am working up to it.

Best news is (for anyone who cares, I know at least Kristin will....) we have bought a new house and so are no longer spending every waking moment house-hunting. Yay! And the new house even has a studio for my printmaking! I'm soooooooo excited.


  1. Hooray for a new studio! I love your work by the way, gorgeous!

  2. how i wish i had a proper studio. lucky you.
    and your green tea print is so popular because it's utterly gorgeous [i should know, i have one]. can't wait to see your new prints kylie.

  3. Thanks you 2! Yes, can't wait to set up the studio space. And Hollabee I just realised you live in Melbourne too!!!