Thursday, 28 February 2008

tea cups and a newspaper article

This little number will be going in the shop soon. The tea obsession there no stopping the madness? It's a print from an original mixed media work combining chiyogami, pen ink and digital colour. I'm a big fan of that particular colour blue.

And for those who missed my 2 minutes of media attention last Saturday here is the article that was in The Age newspaper about my printmaking. The editor was just amazing. I'd encourage any Australian artists/crafty types who are interested to get in touch with her. You might have to click on the article a few times to make the writing big enough to read.


  1. ooooh congratulations! That is one of my favorites of yours.

    And love the new piece too.

  2. great to read the Age article.
    thanks for putting it up.
    and you keep going with your tea obsession, i love seeing the endless variations on a theme, you execute them so well.

  3. Thanks for posting the article, and congratulations! I love that new print too.