Saturday, 3 May 2008

a morning spent printing

A few sweet friends have just ordered my Dragonfly set of woodblock prints so I've spent the morning printing those as I only ever have one or two sets on hand to support my listing in the shop

Try not notice that the sheet underneath (a photo prop) was not ironed :) Each set has 8 pieces in total and is made slightly differently from each other so offers a unique point for the owner. I've noticed something interesting about framing this set lately. Mine is framed with a light coloured timber frame and I always thought that was the best colour for this piece as it sets off nicely the browns in the ink and creams in the some of the paper. But then recently another friend bought this set from me and chose a burgandy coloured timber frame and to my surprise, it looks great. It just goes to show you can't get too set in your way about what will look good when it comes to framing. I usually advise people to use the float mount technique for framing this set as it lifts the pieces away from the mount board and adds a very slight shadow or 3D affect to the work. 


  1. They're beautiful. And no one would have noticed the sheet, in fact, I think it allows for that shadow effect you described in mounting them. And yes, framing, it's a fickle thing.

  2. A really gorgeous series and would look fabulous framed on a wall.

  3. these are really beautiful. i love them. nice work

  4. ahhh ... love this series. and guess what? the set i bought for my sister recently? just couldn't give it away ... it sooo needed to stay with me.
    gorgeous work.

  5. feed the dog - that's so cute! i hope our sister doesn't mind (or doesn't know :)
    thanks everyone, you've plumped my creative ego up a bit on a day when i'm not feeling so super well in my body.

  6. sis has NO idea what she's missed out on, not will she ever because she doesn't read blogs.
    just desperate to get these framed now and find that special little spot in my tiny cluttered apartment. i love a challenge.