Thursday, 1 May 2008


I think I'm going to end up becoming one of those dottery old people who obsess about botanical matters and spend their days pottering around in their cute gardens. I've been longing for this book, Flora: an Illustrated History of the Garden Flower Compact, by Brent Elliott for about a year now. I borrowed it from my neighbour last year and just looked with awe at every page of botanical/flora drawings thinking I would have to keep an eye out for it and buy the book myself some day. Well I did. Yesterday. It's a gorgeous little hard cover thing and I found it lurking on the shelves of one of my favourite city bookshops, Readers Feast.


  1. Beautiful. I'll join you on your dottery way. I've been wanting a tome that I found re botanical names ... now how nerdy is that?

  2. not nerdy at all katie! so glad someone gets the botanical fascination.