Sunday, 27 April 2008

march of the teapots

And then the teapots began to take over.....She was found breathing (just) and buried deep beneath a pile of tea leaves.

Or at least that's what it feels like at the moment with these new giclee prints. It's like I've overdosed on tea (preferably earl grey) and it's done something to the creative part of my brain. Anyway, I've put a paler version (more retro green-blues) in the shop and am toying with putting this much brighter one in soon. I like the desert feel of the orange and vivid blues. It seems to echo images of our current Australian drought. The funny thing is it finally rained in Melbourne last night and is threatening to hail as I write this.


  1. We've had your share of rain. It rained for two weeks solid here and the sun finally broke through Saturday morning. There were so many people riding bikes, running and out walking over the weekend. We're all lovers of the sun.

  2. Thanks for the front page alert annalaura but can you believe I missed it? Oh well.
    And hi there Katie. Glad you're having some rain in NSW.

  3. i will add you to my blog as well.
    when i figure out WHERE i can insert new links.
    do you know? LOL.

  4. I'd love to overdose on these cuties!!!

  5. lisa - to make a list go to 'customise' at the top of blogger and then click on 'make a list'. then follow the prompts. if you can't figure it out email me and i'll give you more info on how to do it.