Sunday, 13 April 2008

jezze's prints

A little while ago I discovered the work of Jezze, a South African screenprinter. I just adore this particluar print of hers: 'girl with mud in her head part 1'. There's something really earthy and lovely about it. You can read more about her work and inspiration on her blog. She also makes gorgeous blockprinted cotton tape like this:


  1. I love her blockprinted tape, such nice shapes & colours...

    (and so sorry to hear you were burgled - that's awful!! I can just imagine how horrible that must be...)

    Take care, Danielle x

  2. thanks danielle. yes, aren't jezze's prints lovely?

  3. seriously beautiful print of the girl.
    thanks yet again for introducing me to another great find ... and the tape, oh wow, got to have some of that .. and the others in her shop are also divine.

    and can i just say, kylie, i'm so impressed by your incredible dignity and sense of calm that you present after what's just happened to you. i hope you're doing okay..

  4. awwwww, thanks feed the dog! i'm ok, really. i'm a bit jumpy around the house, but slowly moving it out of my head. and thanks to my 2 lovely friends, J&J, i have a computer to work on :)