Sunday, 6 April 2008

fragile, floating

A new 3-dimensional piece of mine. I've been wanting to make my woodblock printed dragonflies 3-d for a while and today they can finally fly (well, at least float). I love their fragile quality. And I also happen to love 3-d paper art.

Any feedback on this little piece is welcome. And if you like this little one, I've just put it in the shop.


  1. Ooooh, GORGEOUS! I love the floating effect.

  2. do i like it?
    you mean do i love it beyond words? the floating effecct works so well with your dragonfly and i love how you've cropped it.
    and what about the dreamy little cat of yours that i spy in your shop?
    this is what happens when you stay away from blogland for a while ... so many delicious new things to devour...

  3. Oh my goodness--- this is absolutely beautiful, dear. I have no feedback, b/c in my eyes, it's PERFECT.

  4. thanks for all your sweet comments. it's been a hard 2 days as our home was broken into and my beloved laptop and digital camera (not to mention unbacked-up data on the laptop!)were stolen. your feedback has put a little ray of sunshine into the world again.