Thursday, 10 April 2008

life's little challenges

We were burgled a few days ago and our laptop and cameras were taken. I wasn't going to bore you with it but thought it might help to write about it here. It's just stuff, I know, but it's the invasion of space, our home, that feels so wrong. I am a lazy back-up person and so they took the laptop along with a whole lot of irreplaceable computer files, including personal digital photos. Grrrrrrrrr. They also took my 10 year old much loved SLR which holds a lot of sentimental value to me. And they tipped our home upside down looking for cash and expensive jewels, none of which we have. Oh and they smashed a window to get in too. Our poor cat, recovering from being missing for months and a deep wound under her arm, was in the house when it happened and probably nearly died of fright. It's making me paranoid about open doors and windows but I have resolved I am not going to live my life in fear and will try to live as before, with the addition of a new house alarm. This is the third time in my adult life that I've been burgled. The last time was 12 years ago so it's been a while. I think that's because 7 of those last 12 years were lived in Japan where burglary rates are low.

Thanks to all those lovely people who've sent me messages of support. It's really nice to be reminded that people are mostly good, and that the ones who did this have bigger problems in their lives than I can ever probably imagine.


  1. my thoughts are with you.
    that horrible invaded feeling.
    [we were burgled once and we were in the house asleep at the time!
    that was a really creepy feeling...]

  2. sorry - nothing comes up on the blogger link but it is from me!
    kirsten @


  3. I'm sorry to hear about your burglary misfortune. It really isn't a pleasant experience to have to go through.

    On a happy note...I wanted to stop by and let you know that you've been tagged. Please check my blog for more info x.

  4. thanks so much for your kind words everyone. kirsten - i can't believe your were burgled while you were sleeping. how awful!

  5. Oh no, my dear... I'm so so sorry. Let us know if you need anything at all, ok??? You must be terribly frightened.

  6. Oh my! I haven't had a chance to catch up on blogs for a while, so just read your awful news. I'm so sorry to hear about it. I hope you're alright!

  7. Oh gosh - it looks like it's been awhile since i've visited your blog after all - I totally missed this. So sorry to hear you were burgled. That's horrible. I can just imagine how much you'd be dying to get those files and photos back.

    The thing that really gets me about robberies is the fact that the things they take that have any personal value are usually the first things they chuck away - eg personal files and photos.

    Anyway on a lighter note, it was lovely to meet you on Saturday night too - thanks heaps for coming! Great to put a face to the blog too :)