Tuesday, 1 April 2008

things that make it worth getting out of bed for

Some days I'm just astounded by the generosity and spirit of the creative blogging community. It seems that there are some wonderfully supportive people out there who really want to help others build their working lives in creative fields. I'm talking about the roadmaps series just started on design for mankind with the help of decor 8 and creative thursday. These gels are sharing their experiences (and those of many others) in how they were able to make changes in their lives to eventually become self-supporting in various fields of creative work. It's so wonderful to tap into their advice and to draw strength from their support. Especially, if like me, you've made some big changes already and want to keep inspired and strong on the journey.

And then I stumbled upon some beauty (via bloesem) from round robin press:

I'm a sucker for beautiful, arty cards like this from Shannon Lowry in Austin, Texas. It sure beats a lot of the tacky mass produced stuff I see for sale in newsagents in Australia.

More joy on the card front (I have a lot of friends with birthdays coming up so I'm a bit stuck on the card thing at the moment) from sea spray blue adapted from her range of larger sized prints.


  1. Awww, this post made me tear up a bit (but I also haven't slept in a few days, so I may be uber-emotional!!!). I'm so glad to help, really, and so excited that you're finding this info useful.

    After all, if we're not here to inspire others, what are we here for? :)

  2. thanks for coming by Erin. I'm so glad you're doing the roadmaps series.