Thursday, 17 April 2008

random niceness

Some good news. Brunswick Street Bookstore in Fitzroy (Melbourne) now stock a range of my cards :) The thing I love about this bookshop is that it's open from 10am-11pm every day and great for popping into after eating out in Fitzroy.

And thanks to the lovely SJ I have a computer to use for a few weeks :)))))

Sweet Amy from Moyou has tagged me. I've been tagged before so I won't go tagging anyone else. Here's my tag info:

four places I have lived: Kyoto, Perth, Sydney, Mackay (not in that order)

four movies I can watch over and over: this is a hard one as I don't usually watch movies more than once.

four places I have been on holiday: Cambodia, Spain, New Mexico, Vietnam.

four websites I visit daily: recently I've been reading: design for mankind (love, love, love this blog); decor 8; creative thursday; all things considered

four favourite ways to spend a sunday: cooking and eating pancakes for breakfast with friends at my place; bike riding along the Yarra River; picnicing in a lovely park; reading a good book in bed.

four places I would rather be now: I'm ok about being here (Melbourne) right now but other places it would be fun to be are: Kyoto (I miss my second home); New York (going soon :); camping in the Alpine National Park (Victoria).


  1. congratulations on the new card stockits - great news.
    [i'll look out for them when i'm there next... :)]

    kirsten @

  2. The card is lovely! Very beautiful and simple, just how they should be! Hopefully I will see you tomorrow night, my Mum is coming and she has been to Japan a few times (I'm jealous as she is going again in September), she teaches high school Japanese.

  3. oooh thats great news about the brunswick street book store - congrats! That is totally my favourite bookshop and I agree the opening hours are fantastic. Perfect for a post-dinner browse.