Saturday, 6 September 2008

carving is like meditation

I'm cutting out a paper stencil for a screen print design. I started off using my little paper cutting knife for all those teeny tiny shapes.

And then quickly changed to my woodblock carving knife because it feels so much nicer to hold and I'm better at using it for no other reason than that I've spent hundreds and hundreds (could it be thousands?) of hours carving with it.

Slowly but surely...... I've got a cramp in my thumb now so have to take a break.


  1. What a gorgeous stencil!! I love stencil cutting - and agree whole-heartedly, it is quite meditative and therapeutic in some way...and painful in others (as you slowly cramp and blister) ;)
    I can't wait to see the print! :)

  2. ah the sheer joy of stencil cutting.
    time and patience.
    how does it compare to cutting wood prints for you?
    this motif seems inspired by your beautiful lampshade.
    is this going on to fabric?
    it should.

    waiting ...

  3. looks like the pain's going to pay off though.Looks great

  4. wow amazing design... simply blossoming and radiating.. magical!! am sure it must be a real joy to bring such a precious creation to life, through the efforts of your inspired heart, analytical mind, and hardworking hands!!
    thanx for sharing! :o)

    and LOVE the sketches n illos on your blog!

  5. Hello! I saw your prints on etsy and wandered here to learn more about your printing process. I work at a screenprinting company and I was just wondering how you would use the stencil with the silkscreen. Do you use some sort of temporary adhesive to keep it in place? The only way I'm faliliar with is using light-sensitive emulsion with a positive of the design. Do you use this process or do you just use your cutouts directly on the screens? I love your art, I really want to try some of my own now! Any info on it would be greatly appreciated.