Friday, 23 January 2009

cooking with jam

We've been picking plums from trees all over the neighbourhood and had so many that I had no choice but to make jam. For the first time ever. And I'm no Martha, as I've said before. So out came Steph and I cooked up a storm (well 2 jars actually). And the cat waited patiently through it all, ever hopeful that the flurry of activity in the kitchen was about her, and ultimately her bowl.

My favourite way to eat this plum jam? Poured over vanilla ice cream!


  1. mmmm...lucky you. i remember being invited to pluck plums off a tree at a farm in australia. the plums were delicious, not sour like what we get here. but sour or sweet, plums make delicious jam.
    will try your suggestion and have some with vanilla ice cream the next time i get my hands on a bottle.
    i have been looking through the seed pod prints in your etsy shop. makes me feel all nostalgic. the one of the pod from the Flindersia tree is lovely.

  2. awwwww thank you Priya (about the print)! :)

  3. A beautiful post. Hmm.. cats and plums - very Japonisme (is that the right word?). Fruit from the tree, a cat-friend and chunky jam - three of life's finest offerings.

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