Sunday, 21 June 2009

sculptured loveliness

Cross Poly-nate by Emma Davies

Generations by Annee Miron

I've had a funny couple of days. I'm blaming my strange, foggy mood on the winter solstice. Thank goodness the days start getting longer in our part of the world from tomorrow onwards. I don't mind winter but I do mind how late the sun rises at this time of year.

So to try and shake the winter funk out of my mind I went and submerged myself in sculpture. The top pic is a gorgeous piece by sculptor Emma Davies who works with found polypropylene, mostly in the form of discarded woven vegetable bags, creating the most incredibly beautiful forms. Her work is currently being shown at Craft Victoria.

And yesterday at the Yarra Sculpture Gallery I happened upon Annee Miron's installation/sculpture (pic 2) 'generations'. Made from beaten metal, it shimmers as it hangs along the old warehouse wall. Jackie Ralph also has incredible sand sculpture of a giant horse in the same gallery. Go see.


  1. i really like emma davies' work! will be popping the craft v then! thankyou!

  2. I'm so glad to see you made the bread! I really emjoy reading your blog. Please accept the Lemonade and Lovely Blog awards from me, to pass on if you feel inspired! Susie

  3. My sister used to share a house with Annee, lovely work and a lovely lady.