Friday, 24 July 2009

blossoms and dragonflies

There was a good frost on the ground this morning but despite the cold wattle trees everywhere are still managing to push out their lovely yellow blossoms. At this time of winter there is nothing more cheerful than seeing this piercing yellow colour all over trees in the streets. I think they're getting ready for spring. Or maybe they're just a little early?
Like these dragonflies. They're definitely early. All sketched up on drafting film and waiting to be cut out for screen printing on fabric. Which will happen this weekend with a bit of planning and luck.


  1. Oh wattle!! It's my favourite blossom tree (maybe after sakura), isn't this lemon yellow colour so pretty? We call it mimosa here, I'm actually growing it from the seed, it's about 60cm tall now! No flowers yet hopefully next winter.
    I love your ketches of dragonflies ;)

  2. i am waiting to see the finished work. i love dragon flies.
    priya sandalwood soap? hee hee...didn't know you get that in australia!

  3. Hiki - isn't wattle just lovely?
    Priya - so good to see you're back.

  4. i agree! i am in love with wattle, and must confess i have pinching little cutoffs sometimes for the glass vase on my table...